Christmas Story

The Twelve Days Of Christmas- Children Sing the song

Duration : 0:3:44

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25 Responses to “The Twelve Days Of Christmas- Children Song”

  1. BrittanyHargestFan4

    @annshelaann yeah …
    @annshelaann yeah right! i hated the outfit the shoes were very uncomfortabl;e and the shirt itchy as hell

  2. annshelaann

    @ …
    @BrittanyHargestFan4 but you looked cute. i am sure,

  3. annshelaann

    @Pamelaproverbs …
    @Pamelaproverbs thanks so much Pam

  4. Pamelaproverbs

    his is what I am …
    his is what I am finding .
    I like it!!

  5. BrittanyHargestFan4

    love this its so …
    love this its so cute!!!!! i done something like this in grade 6 and i was one of the 11 pipers piping i hated the outfit that went with it!

  6. shadowfable123



  7. annshelaann

    thanks Zer
    thanks Zer

  8. Zer04oo

    wow, nice version, …
    wow, nice version, 5/5!

  9. annshelaann

    no you are!
    no you are!

  10. Oluremi7

    Awesome video. …
    Awesome video. Perfection plus!

  11. GilbertNoemi08

    i love this video
    i love this video

  12. AndrewDeLong

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    Just get youtube downloader for all your future wanted downloads off from this site…..
    You can simply use the app from realplayer. go to real [dot] com and look it up, it’s free by the by.

  13. Biosaga4eva

    cute carolers,love …
    cute carolers,love this….

  14. unknown1250

    love it!thank you!
    love it!thank you!

  15. annshelaann


  16. pslams91lady

    i love this is …
    i love this is awsome

  17. SalamanderTalent

    check out SNOWMAN …
    check out SNOWMAN SING!

  18. mhluo


  19. XoXoXMartinXoXoX

    best than the …
    best than the original version.

  20. annshelaann

    thans nurse
    thans nurse

  21. annshelaann

    thanks hot shot. …
    thanks hot shot. by the time i was done making it i was near sick of it. i can’t watch it even now.

  22. annshelaann

    thanks them
    thanks them

  23. annshelaann

    thanks for watching
    thanks for watching

  24. annshelaann

    thanks your cool!
    thanks your cool!

  25. annshelaann

    sorry i just read …
    sorry i just read this! did you get it?

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