Christmas Story

My friends wanted to know where they came from. So I told them this story.
I hope you enjoy it too.
Our Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls are originals and over 71 years old!

Thanks for watching and Merry Christmas.

Duration : 0:5:2

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25 Responses to “This Nostalgic Christmas story is narrated by the NightFlyyer.”

  1. Leashie101

    i love this, thanks …
    i love this, thanks for posting it

  2. NightFlyyer

    Thanks very kindly, …
    Thanks very kindly, and welcome Brazil.

  3. elianegreenpeace

    So familiar,so warm …
    So familiar,so warm…to kids of all ages!!!!Kisses from Brazil!!!!

  4. NightFlyyer

    Thanks very kindly. …
    Thanks very kindly. I appreciate your comments very much and wish you a very happy holiday too.

  5. NightFlyyer

    Thanks much. Merry …
    Thanks much. Merry Christmas.

  6. NightFlyyer

    Haha. Thanks …
    Haha. Thanks kindly. I appreciate that. Next time I talk to the BBC…….lol.

  7. themadmanbreen

    I have to tell you …
    I have to tell you I found this vid last Dec. and I HAD to find it again this year 08′…its my new online holiday tradition! I am a Raggedy Ann/Andy collector and I love seeing your RARE 1940′s Georgene novelties transitional Raggedys and hearing this story. TRUE HOLIDAY spirit! Thank you SOOO much!! from a DIE HARD Raggedy collector THANK YOU!!

  8. spittingoil

    my grandparents …
    my grandparents have some of those. they also have those time out dolls. by the way great vid.

  9. macdaddy1600

    santa will come to …
    santa will come to your house in a heli lol

  10. garrythebruiser

    takes me back to an …
    takes me back to an old program here in Dear Old Blighty called Jackanory a long-running BBC children’s television series stories told by celebrities
    are the memories
    well done Dave loved it
    if you ever get bored maybe put a word in at the BBC to resurrect jackanory LOL

    have a good one

  11. NightFlyyer

    Thanks and Same to …
    Thanks and Same to you and yours.

  12. xboredofbordemx


  13. NightFlyyer

    Thanks very kindly. …
    Thanks very kindly. I appreciate that and wish you the best in this Holiday season. Dave

  14. golddemona

    This video is too …
    This video is too cute for words. =)
    Your Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls are so adorable. ^_^
    And you made that tired old story sound fresh and interesting.
    It was like it was my first time ever hearing it. =D
    Thank you so much for sharing this. =]

  15. NightFlyyer

    THanks…yep.. …
    THanks…yep..getting closer.

  16. ryemeg900

    merry christmas!!! …
    merry christmas!!! i can feel it now haha!!

  17. NightFlyyer

    Thanks and Mahalo …
    Thanks and Mahalo to you too. Your welcome to post it. Send me a link, when you do. Aloha

  18. 125000000

    That was wonderful! …
    That was wonderful! Getting closer to Christmas I’d like to post your video on my craft blog. I favorited it so it’ll be easy to find for me.


  19. puddud22

    Santa needs to …
    Santa needs to upgrade to a helicopter. Maybe not, spare parts cost could get out of hand.:)


  20. NightFlyyer

    Ha ha ha. Maybe I …
    Ha ha ha. Maybe I could put it on a StormLauncher Frame….Hmmmmmm?

  21. locouk

    Well dave, I’m …
    Well dave, I’m expecting you to invent the RC Santa Sledge now! ;o) Tee Hee…

  22. NightFlyyer

    That is very kind …
    That is very kind of you to say and thank you.

  23. Partok81

    You’ve got the Xmas …
    You’ve got the Xmas spirit alright! Indeed the world isn’t all r.c. and other gadgets. I love that your vids are so varied. I believe this is the first 5 stars I’ve given to you. This is a classic, like you! ;-) TFTV

  24. jason12001

    Wow those are old …
    Wow those are old dolls. and you really go all out with the christmas tree. lol. nice 5 stars.

  25. NightFlyyer

    Haha. I might know …
    Haha. I might know you’d be looking at Sleds!

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