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Trailer – “Home Alone 3″ (1997)

Alex D. Linz … Alex Pruitt
Olek Krupa … Petr Beaupre
Rya Kihlstedt … Alice Ribbons
Lenny von Dohlen … Burton Jernigan
David Thornton … Earl Unger
Haviland Morris … Karen Pruitt
Kevin Kilner … Jack Pruitt
Marian Seldes … Mrs. Hess
Seth Smith … Stan Pruitt
Scarlett Johansson … Molly Pruitt
Christopher Curry … Agent Stuckey
Baxter Harris … Police Captain
James Saito … Chinese Mob Boss
Kevin Gudahl … Techie
Richard Hamilton … Cab Driver

Duration : 0:2:35

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20 Responses to “Trailer – Home Alone 3 (1997) [High Quality]”

  1. eliskakordulova

    I loved this movie …
    I loved this movie as a child and in my opinion third HA movie is much better than the previous ones. :)

  2. munekita2009

    I love this movie
    I love this movie

  3. KennyG881

    They basically …
    They basically showed the whole movie in this trailer. So there’s really no point in seeing this movie except for Scarlett Johanson, of course.

  4. janexblue

    i watched the …
    i watched the movie, but i did not know that Scarlett was here, gonna watch it again :D

  5. KiamarMasterT

    This movie had …
    This movie had nothing to do with Kevin McCalliser, the rest of the family, Harry and Marv, nor Christmas. But this wasn’t so bad at all. The 4th film can just eat bird shit. THUMBS UP if you do agree.

  6. SimpleJars

    I remember watching …
    I remember watching the trailer of this movie on another movie. But I haven’t seen this yet. I mostly love to watch Home Alone 2.
    The doorbell part and the little mouse part at the end is really funny.

  7. Aurelijus22

    You just confirmed …
    You just confirmed my thoughts!

  8. Shaela Mason

    Maculay was so much …
    Maculay was so much cuter …

  9. The4400FalloutFan20

    why does this video …
    why does this video have so many dislikes, this movie is awesome

  10. MsHamarneh

    Maybe, but you …
    Maybe, but you need grammar lessons :)

  11. xPANICKENz

    I don’t need your …
    I don’t need your comment :)

  12. MsHamarneh


  13. JeromeIsTheMan

    Ales? Ales??? *Ales …
    Ales? Ales??? *Ales hurts the guys twinkie*

  14. 072972ification

    It’s Lenny von …
    It’s Lenny von Dohlen as Jernigan.

  15. 12yearoldgul

    I though he was …
    I though he was David Schwimmer:)
    Clearly mistaken..~

  16. xPANICKENz

    Thumbs up if you’re …
    Thumbs up if you’re watching this in 2012
    and the show are created in 1997.

  17. clarkloveselevators

    Don’t some of those …
    Don’t some of those scenes seem like you’ve seen them before, only in a different way?

  18. doctorfeelucky

    I don’t even know …
    I don’t even know who Scarlett Jo Hanson is. When the announcer of ABC Family was announcing that HA3 was coming to ABCF, he just said “Starring Scarlett Johanson” and I was thinking “Huh? Part of the Hanson band or something?”

  19. Gaudve

    1= V. good and …
    1= V. good and funny, 2 too, 3 is awesome, best of all, 4 terrible

  20. MrSuperOrgasmic

    everyone knows 1 …
    everyone knows 1 and 2 were the best, 3 was okay, and 4 sucked a giant throbbing elephant cock.

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