Christmas Story

Santa reads 6 Christmas Stories for Children on DVD. This is a sample version of one of those stories.

Duration : 0:3:17

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25 Responses to “Twas The Night Before Christmas”

  1. muler321

    Sounds like Garfield
    Sounds like Garfield

  2. mrsghostrider

    that is just soooo …
    that is just soooo wonderful n romantic lovezzzzzzzz it :)

  3. billyisballing


  4. jereva007

    Santa is Finish!!!!!
    Santa is Finish!!!!!

  5. cuchulain55

    what the do …
    what the do you mean hes not real he is too real more real then an automobile even.


    also we are not …
    also we are not telling a lie as such it is simply what we believe in like a religion so il leave that 1 with you


    rite well if we all …
    rite well if we all told every 1 there was no santa there wouldnt be a need for christmas as it would have spoiled the christmas cheer and upset alot of childern, they will grow up and find out in their own time that he is not real.
    Plus would you tell a small white lie to make some ones christmas more special? i know i would !

  8. PreacherTHC

    Because we have …
    Because we have sinned against God And must atone. You shure do give them Hope, False Hope! If you tell your kids that there is a santa, than you are lying! No if, and’s, or but’s about it! I’m not stuck up! And I care very much about this. And I would watch my mouth if I were you! Swering is a sign of low intelligence.
    Do some research and find the truth.

  9. TriciaCrafts

    I agree…we all …
    I agree…we all know santa isn’t real, but it was fun to beieve in something, and I couldn’t deprive my children of that (if I had children).

  10. halo3tocool

    Why the would …
    Why the would u want to repent against god? Also so what if santa ain’t real just give them something to hope for on christmas. Or are u so stuck up u don’t give a shit

  11. Booshbabe1223

    American Santa ? …
    American Santa ? lool

  12. daddysdeerhunter101

    hahah right
    hahah right

  13. rectify2003

    I didnt know Santa …
    I didnt know Santa was Canadian lol

  14. PreacherTHC

    December 25 is not …
    December 25 is not the birth day of Christ!
    It is a pagan holyday, that came out of Nordic & Roman mythology. YHWH(God)
    Hates the holyday known as Christmas!
    Repent now! all of you who call your selves Christan, for honoring a pagan holyday! And stop lying to your children, Santa is not real!

  15. continentalpilot1700

    Merry christmas to …
    Merry christmas to all!!

  16. adrian199608

    where can i get …
    where can i get this at

  17. NorthPoleChristmas

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for sharing Santa!

  18. jackpine61

    Wonderful Job Santa …
    Wonderful Job Santa.. You are the real thing! Even after Christmas I still enjoy hearing that story.. you have a very nice gentle voice..I’ll have to get my grandkids to see this.. they’ll be so excited to see Santa! Thank-you

  19. idontknow1215

    absolutely …
    absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! wonderful, my 8 yr old boy LOVED it!

  20. greatestsniperboy

    the stockings were …
    the stockings were hung on the chimney with care with hopes that saint nickolas soon would be there but im not cus im reading this boo-….who wrotes this on my script!

  21. ha3ior8943

    Tomorrow is …
    Tomorrow is Christmas!!! YAY!!!!
    ‘HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL GOODNIGHT’. Im neva eva going to get tired of this story its the best story ever!

  22. disastermasters

    Tis Christmas Eve!
    Tis Christmas Eve!

  23. shygirl600

    2 more days until …
    2 more days until christmas!!!!!!

  24. 11ajthebest11

    i done the 3rd …
    i done the 3rd paragraph 4 my school
    lol and all the other students
    do the rest of it lol

  25. lovelyladyofnms

    Finally, on Twas …
    Finally, on Twas The Night Before Christmas that isnt a song. =] I had to perform this in my Drama Class! Now I can recite every reindeer. haha.

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