Christmas Story

The perfect Christmas gift for your little ones. An adorable cartoon of the Christmas classic, presented and narrated by you! Peeka Productions is located in Chicago. Call now for your Holiday appointment! (312) 664-5437 Visit for more info.

Duration : 0:5:58

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22 Responses to “Twas the Night Before Christmas – Full Video”

  1. cudlescat1

    I thought this was …
    I thought this was lovely. I’m sure whomever Madeline is, she loved this. Nice job, and I think the two ladies reciting this were a perfect part of it.

  2. Morgan11Taylor

    my brother loves it
    my brother loves it

  3. thecorndogs1

    coooooolll videooo! …
    coooooolll videooo!!=]

  4. TheArtistWill

    I had to memorize …
    I had to memorize AND recite the entire poem for a grade in 7th grade. The highest you could get is a 110. I got a 106. Still an A+ though.

  5. MegaVolleyball123

    So Cute!!!!!! Merry …
    So Cute!!!!!! Merry Christmas Santa comes tonight!!!!!!

  6. princessiam123

    So cute!
    So cute!

  7. iscute11

    I just found out …
    I just found out that the guy who wrote the original is my ancestor :O
    I mean it, found out on ancestery!

  8. dawn1lee

    i love christmas:)
    i love christmas:)

  9. Lodderboy

    I wish every people …
    I wish every people on the worl a merry christmas an a happy new jear

  10. momme917

    I like it
    I like it

  11. nkush03

    where would you …
    where would you search if u wan’t classic christmas cartoons for kids like this one………plzz help me with this

  12. starbabe58

    merry christmas 2009
    merry christmas 2009

  13. MaddyVB

    my name’s madeleine …
    my name’s madeleine :)


    feeling christmassy …
    feeling christmassy…check out my vid of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas animation – narrated by Jah Rule

  15. MadridMamma

    MADDELYN IS MY DAUGHTER! :) And she is sooo lucky to have the gift of this story read by my amazing friends…and even more luckly to have these amazing girls in her life who love her so much to have made it for her as a gift she will be able to keep forever.

    Khaki & Lili…you are the BEST and we love you soooo much! :)

  16. yankeeboy1865

    Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas

  17. FilmTraum1

    Wonderful! Wish you …
    Wonderful! Wish you Merry Christmas!

  18. dibalovescheeseontoa

    very nice, who’s …
    very nice, who’s Madeline?

  19. youngedrick

    Nice vid
    Nice vid

  20. jack2breeze

    very nice, thanks …
    very nice, thanks for sharing.

  21. jaysmith405

    My daughter, …
    My daughter, absolutely loves this reading of T’was the Night Before Christmas. Thank you for posting it.

  22. 1xThAnAyAx1

    very nice video m8
    very nice video m8

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