Christmas Story

One of my mother’s favorite scenes.

I finished my “Dum Dum” typography early and got bored. So bored that I decided to do another typography. The rest of my class probably hates me… I’m the only one that finished on time… ^.^;

P.S. The rest of the words are supposed to be in view at the end. And sorry for the crappy quality…

Duration : 0:0:23

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12 Responses to “Typography – A Christmas Story – “Oh Fudge””

  1. TheNextAvrilLavigne

    @TheTristen imagine …
    @TheTristen imagine if Chowder said that lol

  2. Applemask

    Look at da …
    Look at da fuuuuuuuuuudge!

  3. neverlandbrats

    Never stops being …
    Never stops being funny for me.

  4. Blackroo1967


    It’s Lifebuoy …

    It’s Lifebuoy tonight!

    Though Ralphie prefers Palmolive!

  5. Blackroo1967


    Boy …

    Boy, Schwartz got a whooping for that one!


  6. lilymu666

    He learned it from …
    He learned it from your son!

  7. TheTristen

    the kid sounded …
    the kid sounded like chowder.

  8. TheNextAvrilLavigne

    ohhhhhhhhhh …
    ohhhhhhhhhh fffffffffffudge

  9. Stevmay09

    Do you know what …
    Do you know what your son just said??


  10. A1l2l2e2n4

    WHAT did you say?

    WHAT did you say?

    That’s what I THOUGHT you said!

  11. BWCxJSM

    Lol! Me too. XD
    Lol! Me too. XD

  12. RawkusBixhu

    i like gum gum …
    i like gum gum better

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