Christmas Story

The holiday indie classic about Santa on the run.
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Duration : 0:4:33

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8 Responses to “Vendetta: A Christmas Story (Part 1 of 10)”

  1. calyxcorona

    Ha! Reminds me of …
    Ha! Reminds me of the last of my xmas money paid out to the IRS..sleep in heavenly peace..multiple expletives.

  2. FahlmanCascade

    I saw this about …
    I saw this about six months after it first came out. That was thirteen years ago! My son is finally old enough to see this, and I can’t wait to show it to him.

  3. emmersdangit

    what. the fuck. …
    what. the fuck. this is awesome xD

  4. en2304

    hey is this the …
    hey is this the christmas story mov 1983

  5. paulwyman

    ive been watching …
    ive been watching this since i was like 14 and im 21 now HOHO HOLLY SHIT

  6. OlderWaiter

    ha! i found this …
    ha! i found this on the web a long time ago and every once in a while i try to find it again without success. somehow i was successful on youtube and i am happy.

  7. UpInFlam3z

    whoooo! been …
    whoooo! been watching this every year since 1998 (or 1999 i forget), love it!

  8. quackenbush

    This rocks! I …
    This rocks! I orederd the DVD 2 years ago and it never fails to be a hit every holiday season!
    Hilarious, and shot in my hometown!

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