Christmas Story

What I Love About Xmas

May 31st, 2011

This film contains adult language and bitter disillusionment. It is not for those sensitive to sacrilege. Viewer discretion is advised.

“What do I love about Christmas? Wow. Where do I begin?…”

Enjoy the dark satire, and take comfort in the fact that somewhere in the world there’s probably a family situation twice as crazy as yours.

This film was made with Moviestorm, Pivot, CrazyTalk, and Paint Shop Pro, and edited with Vegas 8.0.
Concept to completion time: 25 days.

Your comments, and your own crazy Xmas stories, are welcome!

Higher quality versions (including HD resolution!) available at:

Duration : 0:3:32

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25 Responses to “What I Love About Xmas”

  1. scottysonfire31

    This is the …
    This is the greatest Christmas video ever, it has been my Christmas tradition for the last three years now. Your awesome

  2. Lilattus

    You are very funny. …
    You are very funny. I love xmas and I cant understand why some take it so seriously. If I dont feel like buying anything I wont. Grown ups dont need so much stuff anyway.

  3. TrixtheRaccoon

    Aw, poor guy. D:
    Aw, poor guy. D:

  4. vlfreak

    ahahahahahha, i …
    ahahahahahha, i laughed my guts out!! thanks a bunch overman :)

  5. morsostrings

    Well done- it’s …
    Well done- it’s good that you’ve produced a finished piece that obviously took loads of time but is clever, witty and entertaining to watch!

  6. AlterEgoTrip

    I really do love …
    I really do love how you deliver your monologue … rather poetic and very precise!

  7. Sean43214

    Lol, love this vid
    Lol, love this vid

  8. Loudpaw

    that was the best …
    that was the best thing ever!

  9. 00Dark117

    your videos arnt …
    your videos arnt working

  10. 051egan

    How come this …
    How come this reminds me of Seth Green?

  11. hungryzombie90212

    This was good to …
    This was good to see, I had a Christmas.

  12. VyccySCARE

    I adore this :’) * …
    I adore this :’) *clicks favourite button* <3

  13. TheRealAdder

    this is gold.
    this is gold.

  14. LukesiPod

    Gosh, i’ve watched …
    Gosh, i’ve watched this more than 10 times.

  15. kIpPeIn0oB

    lol. sucks to be …
    lol. sucks to be him.

  16. thest3alth

    Then don’t drop the …
    Then don’t drop the F bomb, mongrel.

  17. sokka55

    ha ha the …
    ha ha the russian diet lol

  18. iBehRawr

    Rofl. This is so …
    Rofl. This is so funny. xD

  19. gpshaw1987

    if you have to ask …
    if you have to ask you are too young to know and trust me you don’t wanna know

  20. asiandrummer84

    i’m glad i don’t …
    i’m glad i don’t have a religious family member that will not go nuts on you for swearing instead of helping you out on some problems.

  21. firelordzuko100

    whats two girls one …
    whats two girls one cup


    I want to your …
    I want to your mom shes hot

  23. Emamnuelguzman86

    hahahah …
    hahahah awesome!

  24. kakaliukas100


  25. greentrigger

    Then perhaps people …
    Then perhaps people who actually have faith will.

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