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When christmas come to town – The polar express – promo only(Ag108)
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21 Responses to “When christmas come to town – The polar express”

  1. MrCheezified

    the little poor kid …
    the little poor kid is dewey form malcolm in the middle

  2. winterwitch94

    I don’t really care …
    I don’t really care for the movie, but I adore this song :)

  3. morpadam

    ahh my top comment …
    ahh my top comment is gone

  4. SweetheartRules

    @dukensophie Dude …
    @dukensophie Dude if I were you, I would be crying while singing it from pure excitement. I don’t care how old you are, this song brings a warm fuzzy feeling to your heart.

  5. xashleyfoxx

    I’m singing that …
    I’m singing that for my concert

  6. selfishconsciousness

    I’m 19 and I love …
    I’m 19 and I love this movie.

  7. 2435AMber

    nice clip

    nice clip

  8. pantha1444

    @KGL96 he does look …
    @KGL96 he does look like Duey :)

  9. KGL96

    Why does the boy …
    Why does the boy look so similar to Duey from Malcom in the middle? hahaha(:

  10. HalesMcWaffle

    @dukensophie – lol …
    @dukensophie – lol right? ;)

  11. dukensophie

    This song is so …
    This song is so depressing. I’m not happy that I have to sing this in Choir. -_-

  12. iamtheecasey

    this is my favorite …
    this is my favorite scene in the movie.

  13. koenf1

    Why are there not …
    Why are there not more CGI Christmas movies being made :( This and A Christmas Caroll tend to be the only ones :(

  14. youdude53

    fuck this bitch
    this bitch

  15. tommylil3

    I cried and I never …
    I cried and I never cry! Wow its an awesome song!

  16. hehepandas

    Beautiful! I play …
    Beautiful! I play the girl in the school play and my class used this to help them well done :)

  17. GenGen2430



  18. SemperFiScout79

    no train ever came …
    no train ever came by my road……i waited all night last year

  19. dumdumdiddayyy

    by far my favorite …
    by far my favorite part of the movie

  20. Emimi33able

    We had to sing this …
    We had to sing this in choir and i had to have the solo “I guess that Santa’s busy cuz he’s never come around I think of him when christmas comes to town”

  21. DinosaurusRAWRy

    39 people didn’t …
    39 people didn’t get present from santa claus they were naughty

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