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White Christmas from Holiday Inn 1942

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13 Responses to “White Christmas from Holiday Inn 1942”

  1. 96eemerson

    Do you have the …
    Do you have the exploding peach preserves scene it’s right after the song Lazy.

  2. lycopenehead

    Ah, that brings all …
    Ah, that brings all the fantastic memories!

  3. frogamybeth

    Danny Kaye was NOT …
    Danny Kaye was NOT in this movie. This is from Holiday Inn. Fred was in this one. Danny was in legit White Christmas. Some friend there is down there MsGelemos. Fred declined to be in White Christmas not liking the script. He was in Holiday Inn and Blue Skies.

  4. KingOfAllTheDwarfs

    I can sing pretty …
    I can sing pretty much like this.
    Just not really confidant enough to sing out loud,,,,

  5. MsGelemos

    My favorite …
    My favorite Christmas movie for I was blessed to be best friends with Danny Kaye who also starred in this movie. Friends are the best presents that we can give to ourselves and I shall always miss Danny’s unique way of viewing the world and his irreplaceable sense of humor!!

  6. GROOVER2006

    wow he plays the …
    wow he plays the synthesizer very well!!! ^_^

  7. Prancer1231

    I love the way he …
    I love the way he plays the piano

  8. aleighp2

    I found about about …
    I found about about Martha Mears a few years ago. She was my Great Aunt- I wish I would have met her

  9. oct2258

    Very true. But …
    Very true. But it’s Marjorie we get to look at. Martha Mears’ voice fits her, too.

  10. RoadhouseKiss

    The voice of Martha …
    The voice of Martha Mears was dubbed in place of Marjorie Reynolds for the song White Christmas. Mears died in 1986 aged 78.

  11. oct2258

    Who knew WHITE …
    Who knew WHITE CHRISTMAS could be so romantic? The perfect blending of songwriter(Berlin), singer(Bing), song and beautiful leading lady(Marjorie Reynolds). Absolute magic!

  12. wigleypg

    Correct – thanks.
    Correct – thanks.

  13. MerlinParish


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