Christmas Story

This is what happens if you peek at or open your presents before Christmas Eve.

And just like my video “Buy Mimi’s Cookies” this isn’t an episode of The Untold Stories Of Paper Mario.” It’s more like a short. But the same Mario house, and the gang from T.U.S.O.P.M. are in this video. I’ll probalby do the Christmas episode next year,

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays Everyone!

Duration : 0:1:50

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25 Responses to “Why you shouldn’t peek at or open your presents before Christmas Day without permission”

  1. dimentioluigi123

    Lol cheese
    Lol cheese

  2. dimentioluigi123

    @ IloveMarioBros123 …
    @ IloveMarioBros123 I totally aggree with u

  3. dimentioluigi123

    Omg I love this …
    Omg I love this series

  4. FaunOfTheDevil

    XD omg epic! and I …
    XD omg epic! and I think it’s a fine christmas tree

  5. TheIcecoldkidd


  6. spongepokemon

    To bad …

    To bad it wasn’t real…

  7. Rockzilla1122

    @pokemonlove24 wow …
    @pokemonlove24 wow parents are evil that is just friggen evil!!!! i never get that kind of stuff because i open them i open then they wont find out i havent ever done it and if i do it will be the biggest hiest of a present ever and if i get that kind of secrutiy in a PRESENT i will punch it to death then take it out lol

  8. kanakasanify86


  9. csmg252


  10. Pokebob1

    @thumbcraze LOL!
    @thumbcraze LOL!

  11. thumbcraze

    Last christmas I …
    Last christmas I bought this little red bag that said “You Have Been Naughty This Year” and inside were two fake pieces of coal and i gave it to my cousin he thought he was getting some kind of candy. It was hilarious

  12. IloveMarioBros123

    and im am super fan …
    and im am super fan of all your videos of T.U.S.O.P.M.

  13. Pokebob1

    @stanleyschannel No …
    @stanleyschannel No, it means, Peak in Progress

  14. stanleyschannel

    @Pokebob1 isn’t it …
    @Pokebob1 isn’t it true that one of the cops said PIP and that means Peak In Present?

  15. Mudkiprocketship3003

    From now on IM …
    From now on IM BEING PATIENT!!!!! >_>

  16. Zzarcon1

    Wow. Makes me want …
    Wow. Makes me want alarms for my Christmas presents :P

  17. TheSilkMoon

    OMG LOL!!!!!!!
    OMG LOL!!!!!!!

  18. pokemonlove24

    @Pokebob1 Well, …
    @Pokebob1 Well, after I realised what just happened after, we all get a good laugh. :)

  19. puppys312incp


  20. Pokebob1

    @pokemonlove24 Lol …
    @pokemonlove24 Lol I have the same bag too. Lol, I can’t believe you got scared.

  21. pokemonlove24

    Last christmas i …
    Last christmas i had a bag that had the same sound when you put your hands inside. When I had to look inside , i got scared, ran back to my room, and tripped right in front of my mom’s door. lol

  22. masterkingdude1

    @ …
    @naturaltechnicalitys they are also in paper mario ttyd

  23. ElmntNinja

    Poor Luigi. XD
    Poor Luigi. XD

  24. mariovsluigiZ

    didnt see that …
    didnt see that coming i bet

  25. azianhoney

    the song is in …
    the song is in paper mario 1 at chapter 7

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