Christmas Story

Worst Christmas ever

November 28th, 2010

Why offensive t-shirts never make a good Christmas present. If this video pleased you, how about subscribing ;) I’ll be adding new content every few days. x

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25 Responses to “Worst Christmas ever”

  1. ceresevakmoon

    I tend to have good …
    I tend to have good christmas and I actually LOVE buying and giving presents, I just wish I had more money so I could buy more and better oness, you know you find something and that’s perfect and you’re like AHHHH :D they’lllove that

  2. MzBlahBLAHblah95

    too late, i already …
    too late, i already tried the turkey milkshake xD

  3. skinstarrr

    oomg this is so …
    oomg this is so funny I can just imagine the silence…. xDDD
    lol I’ll post this onto fb ;D

  4. iLikeThurtles

    You remind me of …
    You remind me of Russell Howard :S

  5. arrowbitch9159

    this is the best …
    this is the best story ever!!!!! you have just made my night :)

  6. AllThatJazz93

    offensive t shirts …
    offensive t shirts are the best kind of xmas present ^^

  7. mdngtdrgn2

    Haha, I love the …
    Haha, I love the way you say awkward…and squirrels! No offense intended, of course ^.^’ Lovely idea, dear cousin, to give a nice family-friendly shirt as a Christmas get-together gift. Nothing quite like poisoning the minds of young children. And of course it was red. Of course it was…

  8. dragonlord5665

    @CherryValincourt …
    @CherryValincourt aww lol

  9. RandomObsessiveGirl

    I’m curious… why …
    I’m curious… why the username? Was it completely random?

  10. Thomitastic

    I tried Turkey …
    I tried Turkey Milkshake = yummy :p x

  11. CherryValincourt

    Once my sister left …
    Once my sister left her black boots out on Christmas eve. In the morning my five year old cousin found them and said, “Oh no. Santa forgot his boots.”

  12. violetgrlgonecrazy

    as you were telling …
    as you were telling the story, i could feel the awkwardness as you described it & i felt so bad for you & i just can’t believe how big of an your cousin is

  13. anntheazelf101

    “mom, what does c** …
    “mom, what does c*** mean?” XD

  14. ashleigh53

    OMFG i laughed so …
    OMFG i laughed so hard when he said; that little voice is calles hope! i can relate, i got into a lot of trouble when i was a kid :P

  15. TheFeJaPiDi

    Is this a response …
    Is this a response to Natalie Tran of Community Channel?

  16. TomBTV1

    that last bit made …
    that last bit made me laugh

  17. ReviewedInMinutes

    Did you see any …
    Did you see any tumbleweed whilst “the silence” was taking plave. Also it’s a Youtube video that 2,445 have watched, and counting.

  18. nannakure

    It’s like when i …
    It’s like when i stay up all night, watching your videos, when i have to go to work at 8 in the morning!

  19. collegeswiitness

    Hahahaha! “it …
    Hahahaha! “it slowly dawned on my what this t shirt was, trickled down on me like little rain drops” lol.

  20. JamieT96

    There is a number …
    There is a number of dumb shops in Glasgow that sell stupid things like a T-shirt saying BAW BAG and I bought a hoody which I am wearing that say’s Dog the bounty hunter. There is also a shop that is dedicated to the Top Gear Stig.

  21. lildevil76

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL i enjoyed your story =)

  22. DiamondGina

    Haha poor you! I …
    Haha poor you! I can top that though I had a house fire 2 days before last christmas and my cat died.

  23. blaaahblu

    ahaha omg lol your …
    ahaha omg lol your soo cute, and i’ve watched all your video’s, pleaaase make more lol :) you are awesome!

  24. MrFatperson

    what was the …
    what was the website?

  25. timelingers

    haha everything …
    haha everything went perfectly wrong, that really sucks man

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